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Homeowners Association Accounting

Managing your HOA’s finances is critical to maintaining your property and ensuring the investment in your home is protected. Many small to mid-sized properties (less than 20 units) elect an owner to pay bills, collect dues and prepare financial statements. This sometimes leads to confusion or conflicts of interest, and even in the best of circumstances, it can be viewed as an unfair burden on one owner. Our services are an affordable alternative to a traditional property manager for small buildings who don’t need someone on call to coordinate repairs.

Services include:

  • Property Taxes

  • Annual Reporting

  • Income Tax Filings

  • Bill Payment

  • Setup for New Associations

  • Monthly Bookkeeping and Reporting

  • Budget Preparation

  • Electronic Dues Invoicing and Collection

While we can work with any HOA we have a particular expertise in working with San Francisco tenancies-in-common. TIC's have unique accounting needs related to property taxes and mortgages, especially if some owners have fractional loans that require a tax impound account.

We follow the accounting industry's guidelines in preparing your group's financial statements and track contributions and spending by fund. This method helps you prepare a budget and report on performance against the budget. We also report on unpaid dues so the group can take action against delinquent owners.

Many of our clients are going through the condo conversion process thanks to bypass legislation passed in 2013. If your group qualifies for a conversion due to this legislation and needs help getting your books in order or preparing a budget please contact us.


Fees range in the $30 to $40 per unit per month depending on the size of the building and the services you need. Transition from your current bookkeeper or setup for your new association is included. Our fees also include any phone and email correspondence with your treasurer or designated finance manager so you'll never receive additional charges beyond the agreed upon monthly rate. Contact us for a free assessment and consultation.

Communication Process

Virtually everything is done online. The use of snail mail and paper is kept to a minimum or completely eliminated. Your financial statements are saved to a shared Dropbox folder and are accessible by any owner, anytime.