For Tenants-in-Common (TIC's), Condominium and Other Small Property Owners

Real Estate Information

Socketsite is probably the best real estate blog in the City of San Francisco.

Attorneys Specializing in Co-Ownership Properties

Andy Sirkin is an attorney instrumental in the proliferation of TIC's in San Francisco.

Paul Law Group is real estate practice with a focus on tenancy in common, co-ownership, condominium conversions and shared ownership matters.

Tax Information for TIC Properties

Tax info and your tax bill are available with the office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector for the City of San Francisco.

Tenants Rights and Housing Issues

While I may not agree with their positions, if there is pending legislation related to tenants' rights, condo conversions or other housing issues the San Francisco's Tenant's Union and are on top of the current events and are a great resource for TIC information. These are great places to get informed about Land Use Committee and Board of Supervisors hearings concerning new legislation.

Rights of Small Property Owners

Though their sites seem to be updated two or three times a quarter, Small Property Owners of San Francisco, the San Francisco Apartment Association and SF Moderates are all dedicated to the rights of small property owners.